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Bringing the Big Money into Cleantech

GCCA and P80 Foundation Join Forces

Video on how investments by pension funds and sovereign wealth funds can accelerate cleantech deployment

Bussiness Connectivity

To improve your business connectivity, Internet Fax services take care of all your faxing needs .Everything from faxing internationally, fax broadcasts, to sending and receiving faxes via e-mail while on vacation or just away from the office.

The Case for Clustering

In 2010, the Global Cleantech Cluster Association (GCCA) was formed to enable global connectivity, develop a platform of exchange for best practices, and align emerging startups with corporate partners. By being a part of the GCCA, Cleantech clusters and their member companies increase their exposure in their region while harnessing the knowledge, experience, and other benefits a worldwide association of clusters can provide.

Until the advent of the GCCA, international collaboration was limited by a scarcity of resources and a lack of strategic alliances between clusters, and cluster member companies and organizations. The GCCA is addressing this challenge by making exposure, communication, and collaboration for local clusters and their companies, faster, more efficient, affordable and most importantly, global. Read more>>

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